About us

About Us

Steps is the national charity working for all those whose lives are affected by childhood lower limb conditions.

Every week, dozens of families turn to Steps for information, guidance and support.

  • This might be following ante-natal diagnosis of a serious leg condition at the 20 week scan;
  • It might be in the early weeks or months of a child’s life, when a significant problem has been identified;
  • It could be during treatment, when nothing seems to be going right;
  • Or it might be in the years after apparently successful treatment, when further complications have arisen.

For many families, this is the toughest and most emotional time they will ever face.

Whatever the lower limb condition, whatever the stage of life and whatever the reason, Steps is here for those families.  By providing a sympathetic ear, clear information and helpful advice – all combined with the reassurance of years of experience – we help families to find the best way forward.  And we do much more besides….

Simply, we believe that all those with a childhood leg condition should have the very best chance to make that happen.  And our job is to do our very best to make that happen!